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Dr. Lynn Hansberry Mayo

Assistant Professor of Childhood Studies
Burill 101H
BA, Northeastern University 
MS, Northeastern University 
EdD, Johns Hopkins University
Lynn Hansberry Mayo is a bilingual (Spanish and English) speech-language pathologist licensed in Transitional Bilingual Education [Spanish] and English as a Second Language. She earned a doctorate in education from Johns Hopkins University, specializing in Mind, Brain, and Teaching. Dr. Mayo has over 25 years of experience working with children in early childhood settings, including Early Intervention, inpatient, outpatient, Head Start, and various school settings for children in regular and special education. The persistent achievement gaps in education and overidentification of linguistic minorities in special education motivated Dr. Mayo's research focus: the impact of classroom language use on academic and social development. Her research includes specific attention to supporting children with diverse linguistic backgrounds. Dr. Mayo is passionate about increasing awareness of cultural variations in how speakers organize and use language and how educators' language use impacts children's language, academic, social, and identity development.
Area of Expertise
language development, bilingualism, narrative language, speech and language disorders