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Lehlohonolo Montjane

headshot photo of Lehlohonolo Montjane
Instructor of Social Work
Burrill Office Complex, Room 100C
BSW, Salem State University
MSW, Boston University 
MDiv, Boston University

My name Lehlohonolo means lucky or blessed in SeSotho. I was born in Soweto, South Africa to parents who have been Theologians for over 60 years. In 1990, I graduated from BUSSW with an MSW and a concentration in Community Organizing, Management and Planning. I received an MDIV from BUSTH 2004, with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling. 

In the Spring 2006, I coordinated the “Summer Academy for UnDoing Racism and Social Justice” for Social Work educators teaching racism classes. I have experience teaching Social Work Groups, Dynamics of Racism and Oppression, Generalist Social Work Practice II & Human Behavior and the Social Environment II.

In 2000 I completed a Senior Executive Programme for Southern Africa, offered by Harvard and WITS University Business Schools. In 2008 I completed an academic year of chaplaincy at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. I am passionate about teaching and learning with an emphasis in creating a new understanding of diversity as a strength through a cross cultural and a global lens. I have extensive experience in diversity management in the USA and in South Africa. I also acquired management skills as a human resources director, as a pastor and spiritual leader for 12 years.

I have provided leadership, strategic planning, team building, management and counseling in cross-cultural settings with people from a range of ethnic / cultural backgrounds and social strata in the USA and South Africa. 

I am a Social Worker and a Theologian who has experienced making a difference in people’s lives, whom I minister to and counsel. I have dedicated my life to persuing social justice and human rights for women and their children as well as people living with infectious diseases locally and globally. I have a passion for advocating against all forms of oppression. Working with people who are in need is my calling and vocation, that I embrace. I believe in treating all people with love, dignity and justice. In our diversity, we celebrate each other and choose to be inclusive.