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Carolyn Masshardt

Carolyn Masshardt
Professional Education Coordinator
Burrill Office Complex

BA, Northeastern University
MSW, Boston College School of Social Work

Carolyn Masshardt's career in social work began before she could have known what a professional choice was. Growing up in Worcester she learned early on about urban life, diversity, social justice and the gift of close proximity to neighbors. As the daughter of a single mother, rare at the time, and niece of a principal and grandchild of a clergyman and writer, Professor Masshardt and her brother navigated varied social terrains. Through this, they developed a rich sense of community that has invigorated life since.

Professor Masshardt's first job was a dry cleaner working alongside immigrants without a high school education who supported their families. She learned courage from them and leadership from the owner who supported inclusiveness and fair play. Later, she worked at a host of social service agencies. This led to college and gradate school choices, and a decades long profession in social work leadership at McLean Hospital, community mental health centers and homelessness programs.

Area of Expertise

Supervision, Community Mental Health and Urban Social Work, Responses to Trauma