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Susan Yi-Millette

Susan Yi-Millette.jpg
Instructor of Social Work
Burrill Office Complex, Room 102

BS, BSW, MSW, Boston University
ABD, Brandeis University

Kangsuk-ah! Kangsuk-ah! Was how Susan Yi-Millette was called in her immigrant household where she lived with her parents, a younger brother, a younger sister and a collection of her mother’s side of the family members including her Halmoni (grandmother), four samchuns (mother’s brothers), one aunt-in-law, one eemo (mother’s sister) and two young cousins. The memories Professor Yi-Millette made were the best memories that she have of her life. She thinks she has been preparing to be a social worker all her life, as the daughter of a minister, her life was always filled with building community and helping the congregation members to assimilate into American culture. Professor Yi-Millette was the first in her family to attend college in America. She came to social work as a junior in college and received her BSW and MSW as an advanced standing student. She has worked with elders, child welfare work, mental health policy work for immigrants and refugees and as a policy analyst in Long Term Care. Professor Yi-Millette's doctoral work was in the Professionalization of African American Social Workers. She loves being a social work educator and has been doing that work for the past 25 years. She has also travelled as a military family from Seoul, S. Korea, Honolulu, HI, Manhattan, KS, Monterey, CA, Boston, MA, Worcester, MA, and now lives on Cape Cod.

Area of Expertise

Social Welfare Policy, Professionalization of Social Workers, Culturally Inclusive Social Work Practice, Strategic Planning, Outcome Evaluation and Community Development