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DGLP Speaker Series: Dr. Terri Givens

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Migration and Race: A Global Approach to Understanding Immigration Policy

This talk is co-sponsored with The Martin Richard Institute for Social Justice and features Professor of Political Science from McGill University in Canada Dr. Terri Givens. 

​As the Migration and Citizenship subfield matures, it is time to look at the interconnected nature of immigration and race. We must go beyond the liberal state hypotheses and expand our understanding of immigration flows, controls and immigrant integration.

Terri Givens proposes a unified approach to the study of migration and citizenship that takes a more global approach, incorporating the policies that are developed by and impact the global South as well as challenging our current understanding of transatlantic migration and focus on Western liberal democracies.

DGLP Speaker Series: Dr. Terri Givens