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Support for Scholarship

Faculty development originated as and continues to be a collaborative effort led by faculty and concretely supported by the Office of the Provost. Bridgewater State University supports research, scholarship and creative endeavors for faculty and librarians through the Center for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (CARS), the longest standing faculty development organization at BSU.

Center for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (CARS)

The Center for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (CARS), led by a diverse group of faculty and librarians, is guided by its mission to promote individual, collaborative, and interdisciplinary scholarship activities for regional or global impact. CARS provides internal grant funding which allows release time from teaching and offers financial support. The fruits of these endeavors are highlighted each year at the annual May Celebration that showcases the accomplishments of faculty and librarians and the CARS grant programs.

In addition to the two CARS coordinators, there are two CARS research fellows who are available to meet with faculty and librarians to help them develop their research plans and grant applications for internal funding. The CARS team also works closely with the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects to move applicants from internal to external funding.

To learn more about support for faculty and librarian research and scholarship development at Bridgewater State University, please contact the office at 508.531.1767 or; Melanie McNaughton at or 508.531.2167; or Boriana Marintcheva at or 508.531.1729.