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Work/Life Balance

Bridgewater State University supports faculty and librarians in their work/life balance through the Faculty Advocacy Network (FAN) and the Family Advocates for Faculty and Librarians (FAFL).

Faculty Advocacy Network

The mission of the Faculty Advocacy Network (FAN) is to provide one-on-one collaborative and group support to Bridgewater State University faculty at all phases of their careers. Through networking and partnerships, FAN offers faculty guidance and practical assistance with short-term and long-term goal setting and balancing teaching, research, and service with personal life.

First Year support  includes a series of new faculty orientation events beginning with a two day orientation, and continuing with occasional professional development and social events held throughout the academic year. First Year faculty also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a mentor. Mentors are either tenured or pre-tenured colleagues with extensive campus-wide experience, and typically are in a department outside the mentee’s, but in a related discipline. Mentors receive training and support from FAN, and commit to regular meetings with First Year faculty. They offer their mentees guidance, support, and referral to the extensive faculty development opportunities at BSU.

Pre-Tenure support  includes a series of events designed to assist faculty on the tenure track. This includes both social as well as professional development events. Programming includes reappointment and tenure portfolio workshops, short-term and long-term goal setting workshops, and just-in-time mentoring.

Mid-Career Faculty and Late-Career Faculty are offered bi-annual luncheons to provide colleagues the opportunity to discuss the issues colleagues face at these stages in their professional and personal lives.

To learn more about FAN, please contact Dr. Thomas Nester at or 508-531-1743.

Family Advocates for Faculty and Librarians (FAFL)

The Family Advocates for Faculty and Librarians (FAFL) work to support faculty and librarians access to resources and information at times of transition, especially when there is need for family leave. 

To learn more about FAFL, please contact Dr. Mia Ortiz at or 508-531-2427.