Graduate Chairs

The College of Graduate Studies at Bridgewater State University is proud to offer a wide array of graduate degree, licensure and certificate programs. Click on one of the areas below for graduate program chair contact information.

Accounting and Finance

Applied Anthropology

Graduate Chair: Dr. Diana Fox

Athletic Training

Graduate Chair: Dr. Suanne Maurer-Starks

Business Administration (MBA) 

Graduate Chair: Dr. Marian Extejt

Computer Science

Graduate Chair: Dr. Michael Black

Counselor Education

Counselor Education Coordinator - Dr. Elaine Bukowiecki

Mental Health Counseling - Dr. Nikki Freeburg
School Counseling - Dr. April Megginson
Student Affairs Counseling - Dr. Katherine Bender
International Non-Licensure Mental Health Counseling - Dr. Christy Lyons Graham

Criminal Justice

Graduate Chair: Dr. Jennifer Hartsfield

Education: Initial Teaching License (APB Program)

Graduate Chair: Dr. Sarah Thomas

Education: Professional Licensure (MAT)

Master's Core - Dr. J.M. Bodi
Biology - Dr. Merideth Krevosky
Creative Arts - Prof. Leigh Craven
English - Dr. Kimberly Davis
History - Dr. Brian Payne
Mathematics - Dr. Uma Shama
Music -  Dr. Sarah McQuarrie
Physics / Physical Science - Dr. Edward Deveney

Bridgewater also offers an MAT with a concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), with both an initial licensure and a non-licensure option - please see separate TESOL section for coordinator information.

Education: International Education (MEd)

Graduate Chair: Dr. J.M. Bodi

Educational Leadership

Graduate Chair: Dr. Robert McManus

Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Graduate Chair: Dr. Steven Greenberg


Graduate Chair: Dr. Kimberly Davis

Health Education

Graduate Chair: Dr. Karen Richardson

Instructional Technology

Graduate Chair: Dr. Anne Hird

Physical Education

Graduate Chair: Dr. Karen Richardson


Graduate Chair: Dr. John Calicchia

Public Administration

Graduate Chair: Dr. Kevin Donnelly


Graduate Chairs: Dr. Mary Shorey and Dr. Nancy Witherell

Social Work (MSW)

Graduate Chair: Dr. Karen R. Fein

Speech-Language Pathology (MS)

Graduate Chair: Dr. Ahmed Abdelal

Special Education

Graduate Chair: Dr. J. Edward Carter

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Licensure program: Dr. Ken Dobush
Non-Licensure program: Dr. Yulia Stakhnevich

Women's & Gender Studies Graduate Certificate

Graduate Chair: Dr. Alba Aragon

Urban Education

Graduate Chair: Dr. Melissa Letham Keh