Required MTELs

In addition to the Communication and Literacy Skills (01) MTEL, applicants to the APB program will also need to complete the appropriate subject area MTEL.  A list of these exams can be viewed below:

Program Name MTEL Subject Test
Teacher of Biology, Grades 8-12 Biology (13)
Teacher of Chemistry, Grades 8-12 Chemistry (12)
Teacher of Dance (all levels) Dance (46)
Teacher of Earth and Space Science (all levels) Earth Science (14)
Teacher of English, Grades 5-8 or 8-12 English (07)
*English (61) starting in Spring 2020
Teacher of Foreign Language: Spanish, Grades 5-12 Spanish (28)
Teacher of History, Grades 5-8 or 8-12 History (06)
Teacher of Mathematics, Grades 5-8  Mathematics-Middle School (47)
*Middle School Mathematics (65) starting in Spring 2020
Teacher of Mathematics, Grades 8-12 Mathematics (09)
*Mathematics (63) starting in Spring 2020
Teacher of Music (all levels) Music (16)
Teacher of Physics, Grades 8-12 Physics (11)
Teacher of Theater (all levels) Theater (45)
Teacher of Visual Art, Grades PreK-8 or 5-12 Visual Art (17)