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Required MTELs for Accelerated Postbaccalaureate Program (APB)

In addition to the Communication and Literacy Skills (01) MTEL, applicants to the APB program will also need to complete the appropriate subject area MTEL.  A list of these exams can be viewed below:

Column one has the program name, two has the MTEL subject test associated.

Program Name MTEL Subject Test
Teacher of Biology, Grades 8-12 Biology (13)
Teacher of Chemistry, Grades 8-12 Chemistry (12)
Teacher of Dance (all levels) Dance (46)
Teacher of Earth and Space Science (all levels) Earth Science (14)
Teacher of English, Grades 5-8 or 8-12 English (07)
*English (61) starting in Spring 2020 
Teacher of Foreign Language: Spanish, Grades 5-12 Spanish (28)
Teacher of History, Grades 5-8 or 8-12 History (06)
Teacher of Mathematics, Grades 5-8  Mathematics-Middle School (47)
*Middle School Mathematics (65) starting in Spring 2020 
Teacher of Mathematics, Grades 8-12 Mathematics (09)
*Mathematics (63) starting in Spring 2020 
Teacher of Music (all levels) Music (16)
Teacher of Physics, Grades 8-12 Physics (11)
Teacher of Theater (all levels) Theater (45)
Teacher of Visual Art, Grades PreK-8 or 5-12 Visual Art (17)
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