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Graduate Chairs

The College of Graduate Studies at Bridgewater State University is proud to offer a wide array of graduate degree, licensure and certificate programs. Click on one of the areas below for graduate program chair contact information.

Graduate Chair: Dr. Robert Colandreo
Graduate Chair: Dr. Emily Spitzman

Graduate Chair: Dr. Kathleen Ferris-Costa

Graduate Chair: Dr. Haleh Khojasteh

Counselor Education Coordinator - Dr. Elaine Bukowiecki

Mental Health Counseling - Dr. April Megginson
School Counseling - Dr. Kevin Duquette
Student Affairs Counseling - Dr. Katherine Bender
International Non-Licensure Mental Health Counseling - Dr. Christy Lyons Graham

Graduate Chair: Dr. Feodor Gostjev

Graduate Chair: Dr. Hannarae Lee
Graduate Chair: Dr. J. Edward Carter

Master's Core - Dr. Jon Cash
Biology - Dr. Christopher Bloch
Creative Arts - Prof. Amy Lovera
English - Dr. Halina Adams
History - Dr. Brian Payne
Mathematics - Dr. John Pike
Music -  Dr. Sarah McQuarrie
Physics / Physical Science - Dr. Thomas Kling

Bridgewater also offers an MAT with a concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), with both an initial licensure and a non-licensure option - please see separate TESOL section for coordinator information.

Graduate Chair: Dr. Jon Cash
Graduate Chair: Dr. Carol Young
Graduate Chair: Dr. Steven Greenberg
Graduate Chair: Dr. Halina Adams
Graduate Chair: Dr. Maura Rosenthal
Graduate Chair: Dr. Seven Haefner
Graduate Chair: Dr. Maura Rosenthal
Graduate Chair: Dr. Jennifer Mead
Interim Graduate Chair: Dr. John Calicchia

Graduate Chair: Dr. Kevin Donnelly

CPM Coordinator: Jodie Kluver

Graduate Chair: Dr. Adam Brieske- Ulenski
Graduate Chair: Dr. Kathy Bailey
Graduate Chair: Dr. Sandra Ciocci
Graduate Chair: Dr. J. Edward Carter
Licensure program: Dr. Latham Keh
Non-Licensure program: Dr. Yulia Stakhnevich
Graduate Chair: Ms. Tracy Charbonnier
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