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MSW Saturday Program

Our Master of Social Work (MSW) Saturday Program at Bridgewater State University is designed to accommodate working professionals through an intensive hybrid cohort model. This challenging program will prepare you for advanced social work practice to enhance the lives of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Our MSW program produces graduates who have a lifetime commitment to upholding human rights, respecting human diversity and working towards social justice in their professional and personal lives. As a graduate, you will be prepared to practice in a wide variety of public and private settings, including child welfare, youth services, mental health and counseling agencies, schools, criminal justice organizations, elder services and medical settings such as hospitals and long-term care facilities.  

MSW Saturday Program Highlights:

  • Fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).
  • The Saturday hybrid model of study allows for greater access to the MSW degree by offering a one-day per week class schedule, and a limited number of on-campus sessions. This option is both affordable and flexible for working professionals.
  • The Saturday program is part-time, 3 years for a total of 62 credits.
  • This is a cohort model in which students stay together throughout their course of study. Cohort models such as this facilitate a sense of support and community among the students.
  • Program electives focused on leadership and social justice.
  • Bridgewater's School of Social Work puts social justice at the center of learning as students develop strong leadership skills.
  • The program offers a wide range of placement opportunities in Southeastern Massachusetts and the Greater Boston area.
  • Our diverse faculty and staff have extensive experience in a variety of social work settings.

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Kathy Bailey,

Application Deadline
January 10 for fall admission only. No late applications will be accepted.
Admissions Requirements
  • Online application and $50 application fee
  • Résumé
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work
  • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 for the last 60 credits. A liberal arts background with some coursework in the social and behavioral sciences is strongly preferred. 
  • Three letters of reference, ideally from supervisors, faculty members and others able to attest to the applicant’s readiness to undertake graduate education in social work.
  • A statement of personal and professional goals (click here for details)

The admission committee’s decision will be based on the applicant’s demonstrated academic ability, interpersonal skills and self-awareness – indicators of the likelihood that the applicant can successfully complete the program. In addition, evidence of a commitment to the social work profession and to the mission of the Bridgewater State University MSW program, and of the likely contribution the applicant might make to Southeastern Massachusetts will be assessed. Social work requires the ability to withstand difficult emotional challenges, to work with people whose life experiences, cultural backgrounds and/or personal values differ from one’s own, and to practice in demanding and changing political and fiscal environments. Special attributes such as linguistic ability compatible with those in the region, a demonstrated commitment working with underserved and marginalized populations, and particular skills such as those in research and policy will be considered.

Please consider the following as you consider applying to the MSW Program:

  • We strongly encourage you to talk with your references and to get a copy of the letter they send, so that you know that your references addressed your strengths and positively addressed any weakness.
  • We strongly encourage you to obtain a letter from at least one of your previous professors who can speak to your academic ability to be successful at the graduate level.
  • Take your time and make sure that you address each component requested of you in your personal statement.
  • Ask an outside reader to proofread your statement for grammar, spelling, and language errors, as well as for content related to the personal statement questions. Remember, this personal statement is your opportunity to provide the Admission Committee with a positive impression of who you are and of your commitment and desire to complete the MSW program.

If you are applying to two or more graduate programs, please remember that each program is somewhat different. You will want to respond to each MSW Program's individual requests, as not all programs ask the same questions.

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Part-Time Saturday Program (3 Years)

First year

Fall (6 credits)
SCWK 502 - Dynamics of Diversity and Oppression
SCWK 510 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment I

Spring (6 credits)
SCWK 500 - Policy I: Social Welfare Policy
SCWK 511 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment II

Summer* (6 credits)
Two Electives
SCWK 580 - Special Topics
SCWK 580 - Special Topics

Second year

Fall (9 credits)
SCWK 530 - Social Work Practice I
SCWK 590 - Field Practice and Seminar I
SCWK 540 - Introductory Social Research

Spring (9 credits)
SCWK 531 - Social Work Practice II: Groups and Community-Based Practice
SCWK 591 - Field Practice and Seminar II
SCWK 508 - Policy II: Policy Advocacy, Development and Analysis

Summer* (6 credits)
Two Electives
SCWK 580 - Special Topics 
SCWK 572 - Social Policy III: Mental and Physical Health Care Policy

Third year

Fall (10 credits)
SCWK 551 - Social Work Practice IV: Intergenerational Strengths-Based Practice with Individuals
SCWK 592 - Field Practice III
SCWK 512 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment III: DSM-The Art and Science of Clinical Diagnosis

Spring (10 credits)
SCWK 550 - Social Work Practice III: Intergenerational Strengths-Based Practice with Families
SCWK 593 - Field Practice IV
SCWK 541- Research Evaluating Practice

**Fieldwork and internships cannot be done on Saturdays.

***For the most up-to-date information regarding course descriptions, please visit our University Catalog.

Internships are a vital part of the MSW program. Based on their individual learning goals, students are matched with a partner agency in fields that include mental health, child welfare, family services, education, aging, forensics, medical social work, behavioral health, and substance use and dependency services . Student interns enroll in a weekly seminar with a field liaison to integrate academic components with their internship experience. All internships are closely monitored by field staff and faculty from the School of Social Work and supervisors in the field placement. Through their internship experiences, students learn how to apply the National Association of Social Workers’ Code of Ethics to all aspects of professional practice.  Please note, it is expected that all students are prepared to complete field hours during weekday daytime hours. This range is typically Monday-Friday, 8-6, depending on the hours the agency identifies supports the internship opportunity. Place of employment applications are welcomed to be submitted for consideration.  

MSW Field Manual and Student Handbook

Funding Opportunities 

The College of Graduate Studies provides various opportunities for graduate students to receive funding while working towards their degrees. Appointments are competitive and are determined by undergraduate and/or graduate grade point averages, pertinent experience, educational preparation and interviews. For information on assistantships, fellowships and conference funding awards, please visit our Graduate Funding Opportunities page.

The MSA program is eligible for unsubsidized student loans and applicants are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. For more specific questions, please visit the Financial Aid Office website or contact them directly at

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