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Homepage Video Descriptive Transcript

(Timestamp: 0 seconds) In a chemistry lab, a student pours liquid into a beaker.

(Timestamp: 2 seconds) In University Park, two students play the game of chess.

(Timestamp: 3 seconds) At Swenson Field, a student athlete jumps over a hurdle during track practice.

(Timestamp: 5 seconds) We see the exterior of Boyden Hall from the quad.

(Timestamp: 7 seconds) In the Science & Math Center, three students happily focus on their schoolwork.

(Timestamp: 9 seconds) In University Park, students play Spikeball during the Welcome Back BBQ.

(Timestamp: 11 seconds) In the Horace Mann Auditorium, an opera class rehearses their performance.

(Timestamp: 13 seconds) In Weygand Hall, two students walk in the hallway, while talking and smiling at each other.