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Homepage Video Descriptive Transcript

(Timestamp: 0 seconds) A whale skeleton hangs from the ceiling of the Science and Math Building. Below, groups of students study and chat.

(Timestamp: 2 seconds) Students enter their classroom in Maxwell Library, just in time for class to start.

(Timestamp: 4 seconds) Now in class, attentive students take notes.

(Timestamp: 6 seconds) Amid practice on Swenson Field, two women’s lacrosse players high-five.

(Timestamp: 10 seconds) A smiling aviation student prepares to takeoff.

(Timestamp: 11 seconds) Posed on the stage and draped in white, a group of theater students, watch their fellow performer sing.

(Timestamp: 14 seconds) Back in the library, we see a group of classmates smiling and laughing as they study together.

(Timestamp: 17 seconds) Later, on Swenson Field, the men’s lacrosse team is now geared up and ready to play.

(Timestamp: 22 seconds) Nearby, in the Adrian Tinsley Center, two smiling students chat while walking the indoor track.

(Timestamp: 25 seconds) Elsewhere in the building, a professor is in class, explaining formulas written on his whiteboard.

(Timestamp: 27 seconds) Now nighttime, we return to the Science and Math Center, watching students entering and exiting the building.

(Timestamp: 30 seconds) Video loops back to the beginning.