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Homepage Video Descriptive Transcript

(Timestamp: 0 seconds) Students cheer and proudly show their BSU apparel at the Homecoming game.

(Timestamp: 2 seconds) A BSU athlete kicks a soccer ball during a soccer game on Swenson Field.

(Timestamp: 4 seconds) Another student performs research in the Science & Math Center.

(Timestamp: 6 seconds) Just outside, a Starship Robot delivers food on campus.

(Timestamp: 8 seconds) Elsewhere, a student sits at a picnic table, studying on their laptop.

(Timestamp: 10 seconds) From an aerial view, we see Boyden Hall as the sun sets amongst fall foliage.

(Timestamp: 11 seconds) Elsewhere, a BSU aviation student gazes at the landscape while flying a plane.

(Timestamp: 13 seconds) In the Tinsley Center, a student dance group performs for their peers.

(Timestamp: 15 seconds) In their dorm, a student sits on their bed, studying on their laptop and listening to music

(Timestamp: 17 seconds) We see an aerial view of the Swenson Athletic Complex and Alumni Park including a track, football field and baseball fields.

(Timestamp: 20 seconds) In the Library, a student takes notes during a classroom lecture attentively.

(Timestamp: 22 seconds) The MBTA commuter rail approaches the Bridgewater stop in University Park.

(Timestamp: 24 seconds) In the Moakley Center, a professor and student have a conversation as they walk through a hallway.

(Timestamp: 26 seconds) On a stage, a student plays guitar for an audience.

(Timestamp: 28 seconds) Finally, at Gillette Stadium, a BSU graduate fist pumps after getting their diploma.