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Homepage Video Descriptive Transcript

(Timestamp: 0 seconds) President Fred Clark, smiling, opens the door of Boyden Hall for a student.

(Timestamp: 4 seconds) On Swenson Field, three women’s lacrosse players are laughing and smiling while watching their teammates.

(Timestamp: 6 seconds) A science student diligently inspects a sample through a microscope.

(Timestamp: 8 seconds) Now looking towards the camera, we see the same student posing among science equipment in a lab at the Science and Math Center. 

(Timestamp: 10 seconds) A student smiles to their classmates while taking notes in class.

(Timestamp: 13 seconds) Walking into a music classroom, a student beckons for the camera to follow.

(Timestamp: 15 seconds) Following the student inside, we see others already playing instruments — the student reveals his trumpet, ready to join in.

(Timestamp: 16 seconds) Back in the Science and Math Center, a student explains formulas written on window to a professor.

(Timestamp: 18 seconds) Elsewhere, three friends take a break, sitting together indoors while talking and laughing.

(Timestamp: 22 seconds) Now outside the Science and Math Center, a group o students walk outside into the warm spring sunshine.

(Timestamp: 26 seconds) Over in university park, students decked out BSU gear walk through University Park at Homecoming.