Campus Celebrates Black History Month

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February 23, 2017

A full RCC ballroom was home to Wednesday night’s Black History Month Banquet.


President Frederick W. Clark Jr. was on hand, as were many students, alumni and administrators. The event featured the expected food and entertainment, but also delivered something more, according to Sydné Marrow, director of the Center for Multicultural Affairs.


“The main lesson I hope the students learned is that they are standing on the shoulders of their ancestors who fought hard to gain equity and access,” she said. “And secondly, the importance of giving back. Last night our alumni were a perfect example to follow.”


See photos from the event.


Those alumni are well known to the BSU community for their accomplishments and service. Two of the original founders of the Afro Am Society, Alva Mitchem, ’70, and Bruce W. Gaines, ’76, G ’77, were in attendance, each providing insight into the campus climate during their time at Bridgewater and the development of the student organization. 


Gloria Stanton, ’74, G ’00, Jeanne Oliver Foster, ’77, and Michael Henry, ’92, spoke about the importance of the group during subsequent years, and providing sage advice and wisdom to the current group of undergraduates. 


The event also featured dancing by D’AfriQue and Rhythm Invasion.