Digging Up the Past (Video)

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August 10, 2017

Since the fall of 1996, anthropology Professor Curtiss Hoffman has been overseeing archaeological research at a spot of land in Middleboro overlooking the Namasket River. From the outset, Dr. Hoffman has used the site as a classroom, annually setting up an archaeological field school here, and allowing his students to gain hands-on experience.

The Middleboro site was the locus for prehistoric Native American activity from at least 8,000 years ago to around 1,100 years ago, and has been shown to contain many objects relating to the sacred practices of Native peoples, including painstones, quartz crystals, pendants, and pecked and polished pebbles.

Recently, we visited the field school to learn more. In the video, Dr. Hoffman discusses the ongoing work at the site and explains what he hopes this long-term research project will accomplish. (Video by the Moakley TV Studio for University News & Media)