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New desktop icon provides safety tips and key contacts
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You’ve likely noticed a new icon on your university computer’s desktop. It could keep you safe, or maybe even save your life.

Wondering what to do during a tornado warning? How should you respond to an active shooter on campus? What about if you detect the tell-tale odor of a gas leak? Answers to these questions and more are now a click away thanks to that new desktop icon.

Clicking on it brings up a webpage where users can access tips for a variety of emergencies. Scroll down to find links to more extensive information from the university’s Crisis Management Plan.

“The idea was to really look at policies for a crisis on campus and narrow it down to four to five bullet points you could quickly look at without having to read a full policy that goes into more details,” Assistant Chief of Police Matthew Rushton, ’15, G’20.

The icon and webpage are the results of a partnership between BSU Police and Information Technology.

 BSU has also revised its text message alert system so messages will come in a single text with a hyperlink to more information.

The desktop icon features a BSU Police patch, but that will soon be updated to a new emergency management logo.

While the information is designed to be easily accessible in an emergency, Rushton urges students, faculty and staff to familiarize themselves with the guidelines now.

“We encourage faculty, especially in the beginning of each semester, to spend three to four minutes reviewing what to do in an emergency,” he said. “What are we going to do as a class?”

Anyone not using a university computer can access the same information from the BSU police website.

“It’s not just about helping yourself,” Rushton said. “It’s about helping others.” (Story by Brian Benson, video by Kelsea Marciarelli, ‘19, University News & Video)

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