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Fortunate Bears

BSU students win big on Wheel of Fortune

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Thanks to, “A Very Big House” Bridgewater State University junior Gina Campanini and senior Meghan Domagala are now $64,000 richer.

The two Bears recently flew to California to compete as contestants on the popular game show, Wheel of Fortune where they spun the wheel and solved word problems.

“It’s life-changing money,” Meghan said.

The women gave a shout out to BSU during the airing of the show and joked early on with host Pat Sajak that, if they won any money it would be put towards their student loans.  

The duo also appeared on WBZ-TV Boston and shared their story with reporter Jim Smith.


“We really hope we win some money so we can pay off our student debt,” Gina laughed.

After crushing it during regular play the two women earned enough money to advance to the final round where they had to figure out which “place” the puzzle was referring to.  

With only six of the thirteen letters revealed, they had their work cut out for them.

But no sooner had Vanna White turned the last letter and walked away from the game board did Meghan and Gina solve the riddle and yell out,

“A very big house!”  

The $64,000 includes an all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica, which the women plan to take next spring.

“We definitely will use some of the money for our student loans,” said Gina, who is majoring in business.

Meghan, who is studying English and Elementary Education, plans to pursue a teaching career upon graduating.

“This will be one of those crazy fun facts we can use for the rest of our lives,” she said.

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