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Four Students Are Fulbright Semifinalists

Candidates place in top third of more than 10,000 applicants

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Daniela Belice, Keri Bryson, Mikayla Cote, and Danielle Lopez have been named Fulbright semifinalists. After the initial review by national screening committees, their applications have been sent to the Fulbright commissions in the countries where each hopes to spend the term of her fellowship. These host countries make the final selections.

More than 10,000 students applied this year for Fulbright fellowships, and fewer than a third were named semi-finalists. The news was shared over the weekend by Amy Couto, student scholars coordinator and Fulbright program adviser. President Frederick W. Clark Jr. was quick to offer his congratulations.

“Realizing just how competitive the Fulbright process is in selecting semi-finalists, our entire BSU community is rightfully proud of the accomplishment of these students in reaching this important stage,” he said. “As is the case with these four students, and with so many others over the years, BSU has some of the best students in the region and in the nation. I wish Daniela, Keri, Mikayla and Danielle good luck and warm wishes as they move to the final round.”

Daniela Belice, ’18, is majoring in sociology and political science. She hopes to study at Canada’s Ryerson University. Her topic is: “Lack of Education or Lack of Opportunities? Investigating the Human Capital of Immigrants.”

Keri Bryson, ’18, is a chemistry major. She hopes to continue her research at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Her topic is: “Disrupting Cancer: Developing Targeted Drug Therapies for Protein-Protein Interactions.”

Mikayla Cote, ’18, is a biology major. She hopes to continue her research at Cambodia’s Paññāsāstra University. Her topic is: “Construction and Assessment of a Wastewater Treatment Reactor in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.”

Danielle Lopez, ’17, is a biology major. She's hoping to spend her fellowship in Malaysia with an English teaching assistantship.

BSU’s Fulbright process brings together faculty and staff across campus who review application materials, write letters of recommendation, coordinate international affiliations, and serve on campus interviews. Faculty and administrators involved in the process include: Dr. Jenny Shanahan, Dr. Norma Anderson, Dr. Andy Holman, Derek Leuenberger, Dr. Jenna Mendell, Dr. Rachel Navarre and Dr. Sam Lone. The members of the Fellowships Advisory Board are: Dr. Alba Aragón, Dr. James Crowley, Dr. Diana Fox, Dr. Cindy Kane, Katie Lorge, Dr. Saritha Nellutla, Dr. Deborah Nemko, Professor Jennifer Sarver, Dr. Minae Savas, Dr. Ellen Scheible, and Dr. Wing-kai To.

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