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A Green Summer

Two courses focus on permaculture and the sustainability aspects of gardening
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Two experimental courses are being offered this summer for those who want to take a closer look at earth systems through planning, preparing and developing a permaculture-designed garden. 

Permacultureis an ethically-based ecological design system that focuses on creating a sustainable garden. 

Instructor Ronald Maribettis teaching the two classes, Permaculture Gardening and Global Permaculture, through the geography department, one each per summer session. 

Both courses will be taught in conjunction with the BSU organic permaculture gardens located near Dinardo Hall on the East campus. Over the years, the gardens have allowed students and BSU employees to gain hands-on experience in organic gardening and will now also be used as an educational tool for Mr. Maribett’s new classes. 

Students will be introduced to design principles in permaculture gardening, and learn about design, layout, sowing and field management. 

“We will be spending one-third of the time on classroom discussions and two-thirds actually in the gardens,” Mr. Maribett said. “Each student will conduct a long-term evaluation of a plant; and learn how to plant, grow, prepare and maintain a permaculture garden.” 

Global Permaculture focuses on design principals and how they relate to food security, social justice and food economics locally and throughout the developing world. Mr. Maribett said many countries that have “stressed” their natural resources are using permaculture to protect local ecosystems and for sustainability. 

Each student will pick a nation that uses permaculture and report back the practices being used.

 “The goal with both courses is to connect, engage and have rational discussions about cross cutting issues – ecological issues, food-wise and energy-wise,” Mr. Maribett said. 

The two courses carry three credits each, and can be applied towards a sustainability minor. For more information, contact Mr. Maribett at Enjoy a view of the garden here. (Story by Heather Harris Michonski)

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