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The iGlobe Has Landed

High-tech display unit installed in DMF

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The foyer of the Dana Mohler-Faria Mathematics and Science Center is now home to iGlobe, and it’s a safe bet that Bridgewater State University students, faculty and visitors will soon be putting it to good use.

As its name implies, the new arrival is looks like a large globe, but it is in fact an innovative display unit that can project real-time data and images onto its surface. It comes with pre-loaded data sets (including some from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and can also be used for experiments and exercises creating wholly new ones.

The iGlobe will be used by students and faculty from multiple disciplines, including geography, math, geology and even political science. It will also be featured as part of BSU’s outreach efforts, such as Open Lab Night. 

Two laser projectors inside provide the displays that move across iGlobe’s surface. A nearby iPad is used to operate the system and large screen is posted nearby that carries additional information about what’s currently being displayed. Weather patterns, epidemic occurrences, climate change, migration patterns, population studies, carbon dioxide emissions, flood activity, astrological lessons and much more can be demonstrated in new ways using iGlobe. 

“It will be used to further our mission to educate the community in science, math, engineering and technology,” said Dr. Jenny Aizenman, director of BSU’s Center for the Advancement of STEM Education, who on day one was already a fan of the new arrival.

Helping BSU make the most of iGlobe is Professor Glenn Flierl, who's worked with one at his home institution, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Funding for the iGlobe was provided by the office of the president. (Story and photo by John Winters, G ’11, University News & Media)

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