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Student Profile: Emily Duffley, ’22

Transfer student discusses how she took the long way to campus

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[Editor's Note: This is the first story in our Back to School series]

As a seventh grader growing up in Plymouth, Emily Duffley, ’22, took part in a field trip to Bridgewater State University. The minute she stepped on campus, she fell in love.

“It’s unexplainable. I had this gut reaction that this is where I want to be,” she said.

But as many love stories go, there were some twists and turns before Emily finally arrived at Bridgewater. 

Initially, she applied and committed to BSU but ended up going to a different college. A decision that perplexed those who knew her.

As a student-athlete, Emily was motivated to find a school known for its women’s lacrosse program. The college she first attended had just that.

“Everyone was confused because they all knew I loved BSU,” she said.

Only a couple of months into her freshman year she tore her meniscus and was sidelined.

“Losing lacrosse for a season was really tough, but it helped open my eyes to something much more powerful,” she said. “I began to explore academics.”

Her search led her back to Bridgewater, where she found all she wanted and more.

“I needed a school that could meet my overall happiness standards,” she said.

When Emily finally comes to campus this fall she will be majoring in psychology, with the goal of eventually work as a counselor.

If her knee allows, she will look into playing lacrosse. However, she’s more excited about exploring all BSU offers.

“College should be a place where you can truly step out of your comfort zone, discover new areas, join new clubs or teams but overall just help define who you are,” she said.

She encourages other student athletes to dig deeper when picking a college.

“Do not choose a school because the team in your sport is doing exceptionally well, but chose one that will support you in every way possible.” Emily said. “Make sure to focus on academics first. … As a student-athlete make sure to keep the emphasis on student.”

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