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Dr. Alejandro Latinez

Instructor of Global Languages and Literatures
Tillinghast Hall, Room 317

Focusing on Latin America, Dr. Latinez's research interests are the representation of adolescence and the trope of illness. The foundation of Latin American nations is related to these two topics; they reveal, for example, the tensions around the practices of power and historical memory that are still current.

He has published articles about works of Clarice Lispector, José Lezama Lima, and Abraham Angel, on Andean cinema, and a study entitled Developments: Encounters of Formations in the Latin American and Hispanic/Latino Bildungsroman (Peter Lang, 2014). He is working on a book project about the representations of illness in Peruvian narrative and films.

He is very enthusiastic about teaching; he has participated in several conferences discussing topics such as the intersection of culture and second language teaching, heritage culture, service, and technology. At BSU, he aims to contribute with the Academic Achievement Center in the combined area of second language and learning disabilities.

He received a doctorate in Spanish and Portuguese from Vanderbilt University. His passions include family and sports.