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Dr. Andrew Holman

Andrew Holman
Professor of History; Director of Canadian Studies
Tillinghast Hall, Room 239

BA, McGill University
MA, McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario
PhD, York University in Toronto, Canada

A member of the History Department at BSU since 1996, Andrew Holman is also the director of the university's Canadian Studies program. Dr. Holman teaches courses in Canadian and United States history, as well as on topic subjects such as sport history, historiography, the history of education. He is the author scholarly articles, reviews and books, including Hockey: A Global History (coauthored with Stephen Hardy, University of Illinois Press, 2018) and A Hotly Contested Affair: Hockey in Canada - The National Game in Documents (The Champlain Society and University of Toronto Press, 2020). Dr. Holman earned his PhD in History from York University in Toronto.
Area of Expertise

Sport History
History of Education