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James Bohn

Bohn, James.jpg
Part-Time Faculty
Hunt Hall, Room 119

BM (Honors), University of Wisconsin, 1992
MM, University of Illinois, 1993
DMA, University of Illinois, 1997

James Bohn is a composer and video artist, who has served as a guest artist at the 7-11 festival in Urbana, Illinois, and at "Most Significant Bytes 2002" in Akron, Ohio. He has had his video works presented at "Most Significant Bytes 2000," at the "MAXIS festival of Sound and Experimental Music," at "MEDiA CIRCU[it]S," at the "Florida Electro-Acoustic Music" Festival, and on the Los Angeles area television program "The New Composers 27 Minute Companion." His music appears on several recording labels: Capstone, The Experimental Music Studios, Frog Peak, and The Media Cafe. James has received commissions from the Bonk Festival, the University of Illinois School of Music, The College of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and the Boston and Chicago Chapter of the American Composer's Forum.

As a scholar, James is a regular reviewer for the Computer Music Journal. He has also given papers at conferences for the American Musical Instrument Society, the Association for Technology in Music Instruction, Technological Directions in Music Learning, the MAXIS festival, and the American Chemical Society. His book on Lejaren Hiller (the first composer to write a piece of music using a computer) is published by Edwin Mellen Press.