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Online and Credit CAP Policy

Credit CAP Policy

Students taking more than 17 credits for day rate will incur additional costs

Type of Course Course Attributes in Infobear Billing Cap*
Day Courses Day Rate Included
Evening/Weekend Evening Excluded
100% Web Day Rate, WEB Included**
Day Web Hybrid/Lecture Day Rate, WEB or WEB Day Included
Evening Web Hybrid/Lecture Web Eve Excluded

*Subject to change
**See online policy

Online Policy

100% Web Based Courses (schedule type WEB or WSY with CO section) will have an additional $75 fee per 3 credit course. Web Hybrid and Web Lecture will be considered day or evening rate based on class meeting time.

Billing Waivers/Appeals

Billing Waivers/Appeals will continue to be available under currently approved circumstances such as major specific courses that are only offered in the evening or web-evening which may qualify for an adjustment