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Extra Help

Members of university community support the Student Emergency Fund

When students struggle in school, even with concerns outside the classroom, teachers are often the people they turn to for help. 

“We are the ones who see students more than anyone else on campus. We are the point people for them when they have an issue,” said Bridgewater State University English Professor Dr. Joyce Rain Anderson.

This Spring, BSU was forced to transition fully to online learning because of the coronavirus. Faculty and students successfully adapted and were able to complete the semester working remotely.

Faculty support didn’t stop at academics, however. Using union dues, BSU faculty and librarians recently made a sizable donation to the school’s Student Emergency Fund (SEF).

Bridgewater State created the SEF to provide financial assistance to students experiencing hardships related to COVID-19.

“We witnessed the dire impact of the pandemic in our communities and with our students,” said Dr. Irina Seceleanu, associate professor of Mathematics. “We generally support our students in many different ways, and this was another way we could be there for them.”

The BSU Falmouth Road Race Team is also supporting the SEF. Made up of faculty, staff, students and alumni, the group is working together to raise $20,000 to add to the fund.

Falmouth Road Race is an annual tradition for many New Englanders. This year, because of coronavirus, the seven-mile race had to be canceled physically but runners were invited to participate virtually.

The official date of the race is August 16.

“With the virtual race we are able to run any seven-mile course we choose. While we can’t run as a team, we can run individually,” said Nicole West who works as a program coordinator in the BSU Children’s Physical Development Clinic.

The BSU Falmouth Road Race team made the decision to support the SEF this year because they recognized students are experiencing financial hardships because of the coronavirus.

“I am constantly in awe of the students of BSU. They are some of the hardest working, dedicated students I’ve ever met,” West said. “With the SEF fund, BSU is able to support these students and I love being able to give back to the BSU community.”

It does not surprise Seceleanu or Anderson that so many within the BSU community are willing to help.

“I’ve worked at several institutions and have never seen a faculty more dedicated to their students than at Bridgewater,” Anderson said. “The SEF is another way to ensure our students are going to be able to access education.”

Seceleanu encourages those who are able to consider making a donation.

“We know first-hand that this will make a big difference for our students,” she said.

To make a donation to the SEF through the BSU Falmouth Road Race team visit their Go Fund Me Page.

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