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A Place to Share

Bridgewater Stands United offers students the opportunity to discuss difficult topics

Things can seem pretty chaotic these days, particularly for college students who are trying to find their place in the world.

Which is why it’s important for students to know there are outlets to turn to, places where they can share their frustrations and concerns.

The members of Bridgewater Stands United, a student-led club at Bridgewater State University, say they are here to listen.

“We recognize there are students who don’t feel comfortable talking about issues or problems, we make sure to listen to all students so they can be leaders and their voices can be heard,” said the group’s logistic chairperson Kolby Peixoto, ’23.

The club was formed in 2016 to encourage peer-to-peer conversations to create a more welcoming campus community.

“There is a big gap on campus. It seems like there are a few students who get involved and are recognized for their efforts, but there are also many who don’t feel they have a place here,” Kolby said.

When the founders of Bridgewater Stands United graduated, the club went dormant. That changed this summer during the ascendancy of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kolby and others decided it was important to get the club back up and running to start a dialogue about racial justice issues.

“This semester has been about having conversations and learning how we can grow,” she said.

Through online meetings and one-on-one dialogues, members of Bridgewater Stands United take in information shared by students and then take their concerns to BSU administrators.

“We serve as a bridge between students and the administration,” Kolby said. “Students often know of problems but don’t always feel comfortable sharing them or know who to talk to.”

The club meets virtually every other Thursday at 7 p.m.  Bridgewater Stands United recently discussed the 2020 presidential election and how it is impacting the campus community. At the group’s Dec. 3 meeting, members will talk about Thanksgiving and the positives and negatives associated with the holiday.

“At the end of the day our goal is to improve our campus community, to let students know if you want to be part of positive change you can do that and you can be a leader with your voice being heard,” Kolby said.

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