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Recruiting Tools

Admissions staff make the most of virtual tools to recruit and welcome new students

Many students and alumni will tell you the first time they set foot on the campus at Bridgewater they experienced a feeling, one that’s hard to describe, but instantly they realized the place felt like home.

Given this, how do you showcase a beautiful, bustling campus to prospective students during a worldwide pandemic when travel is discouraged for safety reasons and they can’t come to visit?

“The biggest adjustment we have had to make is not being able to show off our gorgeous, updated and safe campus,” said Gregg Meyer, BSU Dean of Admissions. “We quickly adjusted to offer online events and virtual visits.”

BSU was one of the schools recent Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School graduate Annabelle Thomas considered attending in the fall. After doing her research, Annabelle planned to attend Bridgewater as a double major in psychology and human resource management. She said she is impressed with the adjustments the school has made to accommodate prospective students.

Annabelle used many of the virtual platforms offered to prospective students and their families.

“The school has adapted really well. They have been reaching out to me multiple times a week and asking how registration is going,” she said.

To learn more about Bridgewater State, Annabelle attended online information sessions and gone on virtual tours offered on the school’s website.

“I’ve been on multiple tours and information sessions through Zoom. The administration is making sure students know what’s going on and is being as helpful as possible,” Annabelle said.

She particularly likes the BSU mobile app.

“It’s really useful. Some of the features I can’t wait to try out when I’m on campus like the dining hall menus, bus schedules, events…you can view placement testing, courses, and there is information on how to get in touch with your teachers,” Annabelle said.

Bridgewater State also went virtual to host Admitted Student Days.

“In the past, we held four of these events on Fridays in March and April to allow admitted students and their families to visit campus, attend sessions on academic interests, listen to student panels, consider on-campus housing opportunities, study abroad, internships, undergraduate research and a campus tour. We literally open up the entire campus for them,” Meyer said.

This spring Admitted Student Days became virtual events with live presentations offered.

“We actually ran the events live as if the families could have visited in person. It was truly the whole campus coming together to offer these programs and it was amazing,” Meyer said.

So while incoming freshman and prospective students may not get to set foot on campus just yet, the opportunity to investigate all Bridgewater State University offers is only a click away.

“Even though things are virtual, people at BSU have been engaging and informative. If I have any questions they are answered the same day, which is very helpful. It’s been a great registration process so far and I think BSU has adapted well,” Annabelle said.

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