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Starting Up

Despite trying times, an alumnus seizes opportunity

There is always a risk when it comes to launching a startup company, even more so during a pandemic. However, none of this is stopping Stephen Wahome, who saw an opportunity to join the emerging tech market in Africa.

The 2013 Bridgewater State University alumnus is cofounder and partner of KWG Softworks a remote technology service agency that specializes in designing and developing custom software, web and mobile applications.

“We find clients that need tech work then outsource that work to developers in Africa and together we create our clients’ visions. We are the middle managers in the process and build the bridge between two,” Wahome said.

India and Southeast Asia are better known throughout the world when it comes to outsourcing technology, but African hubs like Kenya have started to build up the necessary infrastructure, and the tech world is taking notice.

“There is a big opportunity in Africa, you are seeing some of the larger tech companies starting to recognize this, so we are happy to be in this space right now,” Wahome said.

Taking the leap of faith to launch this new venture has at times been stressful but has overall been rewarding, he added.

“It’s a really cool job, I get to talk to people and help them create what they want,” Wahome said.

Prior to KWG Softworks, Wahome was carving out a career as a financial advisor. He was motivated to switch careers because technology was something he dabbled in and found exciting.

His confidence to try different things stems back to when he was earning his business degree from Bridgewater State.

“I took so many different classes that when I hit the real world, I wasn’t boxed in. I was able to do technology and finance because I took those classes,” Wahome said.

The connections he made through BSU also contributed to his current achievements.

“I always tried to be connected to the resources Bridgewater offered, and still offers,” Wahome said. “Bridgewater State is always building connections and helping students and alumni keep connected so we can help each other out.”

Having a network is important and often the key to finding success, he said, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

“In regard to current students, I’d advise them to talk to everybody and be genuine, you’ll want to have a network when you leave,” Wahome said. “Talk to the person in your class, talk to your professors.”

As KWB Softworks continues to grow, he is grateful and encourages others to recognize that opportunities exist, even during a pandemic.

“It’s certainly a crazy time. Be aware of the negatives but always try to find the positives. There are always opportunities, you can always find an opportunity,” he said.

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