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Inspired Choice

When Ezekiel Lewis, ’22, believed his country was in trouble, he stepped up

While watching rioters storm and attack the United States Capitol building on January 6, 2021, Ezekiel Lewis, ’22, at first felt frustration with the images he saw on his screen. Then he became inspired.

 “Watching it all happen, I realized I have to be the one to make a difference and became determined to get into politics,” he said.

Which is why at only 22 the Middleboro native ran for and won a three-year term on his hometown’s school committee.

 “I want to prove to people that anyone can do this, anyone can be a public servant no matter what field you get into,” Ezekiel said.

The ambitious Bridgewater State University music major was uncertain at first how to combine music and politics but he’s learning to make it work.

“My two interests don’t necessarily correlate, but I’m finding ways to use my music major to influence decisions I make as a politician. There are a lot of things in music; the tiny bits of math, phrasing structures that I use as metaphors,” Ezekiel said.

Since being elected in April, he’s found working as a public servant to be rewarding and looks to use the experience to launch a possible political career.

“I get to see the change I’m helping to create,” he said. “It’s incredible to see the impact you can have. As I’m still a student myself, I feel I have a good understanding of what students need.”

Some of the classes he’s taken at BSU have proven beneficial as well.

“I did take political science classes where I learned about basic laws and state laws and I really enjoyed those classes,” Ezekiel said. “But music has always been my first choice, so I didn’t want to change (my major) but feel there is no reason I can’t do both (music) and politics.”

He admits balancing school, working two jobs, and serving on the committee was difficult at first. But he said that he is adapting and knows he has the support of his professors and others in the BSU community.

“The faculty and staff are all supportive and understanding,” Ezekiel said.

As he looks toward graduating next year, he’s already lined up a music director position at Middleboro’s St. Isidore Parish and will use his school committee experience to build on his political career.

When his three-year term is up, he is considering a run to serve on the Middleboro board of selectmen.

“Right now, I’m dipping my political toe in the water but eventually would like to make a bigger impact. I would love to move up and forward so when I turn 30, I can run for senator,” he said.

Whatever path he chooses, one thing is for certain, he won’t be idle.

“I never feel like I’m doing enough, that’s my motto. I never feel like my work is over,” Ezekiel said.

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