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Producing Results

Alumnus’ focus on being flexible results in diverse and rewarding career

Chuck Scott, ’11, is never one to back down from competition, even if he’s only competing with himself.

That drive has served him well, helping Scott craft out a successful career in directing and producing.

“I’ve often been told I’m too hard on myself, but it’s also helped me handle adversity,” he said. “You’re going to have some low moments, be broke, but if you keep your head down and do it, you’ll get where you need to be, no matter how many obstacles are in your way.”

After playing two years on the gridiron for the Bears, the Lebanon, New Hampshire, native hung up his cleats as an undergraduate to dedicate more time to sports broadcasting.

The only problem was at the time the university didn’t have a sports broadcasting network. So, 10 years ago Scott helped launch the Bear Sports Network.

“I’m deeply prideful of that,” he said.

Those early years of doing the play-by-play at BSU sporting events, learning how to use the camera and editing were the building blocks of his career. It was often trial by error, but through his missteps, Scott learned.

“The ability to fail, to make mistakes while at Bridgewater really made a difference. It’s from those mistakes that I learned,” he said.

Upon graduating with a degree in communication studies, Scott took what he learned out into the world.

He quickly secured a job working at Brockton Community Access and freelanced as a sportscaster on the side.

One day he saw an ad for a new degree program, a master’s in sports communication and clicked on it.

Soon after, he was off to Sacred Heart University.

Geographically he was now closer to New York City, and other doors began to open, including at Sports Illustrated, where he was hired to work as a video producer covering sports and creating content for the company’s Extra Mustard web page.

Through his connections he was next offered a position working for the National Women’s Hockey League as director of broadcasting. A long-time hockey fan, Scott took a leap of faith and accepted the job.

The work was rewarding, but the league ran out of money and Scott found himself unemployed. It was one of those times that things didn’t pan out as he hoped. 

“I’ve taken risks that didn’t pay off, but it has never stopped me from moving forward,” Scott said.

Today the BSU alumnus works as production manager for The DigiNovations Team, an award-winning Boston-based video production company.

“It widely ranges what we do, from covering musicians to a tattoo parlor. It takes me all over the place, but that’s what makes it really interesting,” Scott said.

He simultaneously is trying to launch his own company, Pine Tree Entertainment, and also wants to get involved where it all started, at Bridgewater State. Instead of being the student, this time around he hopes to be the teacher.

“I’d love to teach a class connected to the Bear Sports Network,” Scott said. “Bridgewater was integral in giving me the ability to be myself, to do it on my own, to make mistakes and find out who I truly was, and where I wanted to go.”

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