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Family Ties

Freshman and grandmother continue tradition as proud Bears

Most college students don’t get a call from their grandmother when classes are cancelled, but that’s not the case for Peter Koutoujian, ’25.  

That’s because both he and his 84-year-old grandmother, Cornelia “Connie” Koutoujian are currently enrolled at Bridgewater State University.  

“It’s actually really cool, being able to say I go to college with my grandmother,” said Peter, who is studying political science.  

To have both his mom and oldest son taking classes at BSU is a source of pride for Peter J. Koutoujian, ’83, who currently serves as sheriff of Middlesex County and is a former member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  

“I love seeing the genuine pride on my mom’s face when she tells her friends she goes to school with her grandson and the smile on Peter’s face when he hears her say it,” he said. “I think it speaks volumes about how my family has been connected to this incredible community from the day I entered through this very day.” 

After taking a tour of Bridgewater when he was in high school, the elder Koutoujian knew he wanted to be a Bear.  

“Walking across campus I was struck by how welcoming everyone was, the students, staff, and faculty. That culture continued throughout my time here,” he said.  

His son experienced a similar feeling when touring his father’s alma mater.  

“I have to admit, it wasn’t at the top of my list at first, but I took a tour and have loved it ever since,” Peter said, “I have been hearing about Bridgewater State from a young age, and because of that it’s always sort of felt like home.” 

It feels even homier now that his grandmother is also at BSU.  

 When the pandemic first hit the former teacher and attendee of the State Teachers College at Boston knew she needed an outlet to keep her mind occupied.  

“My son told me to try Bridgewater and look at their senior college,” Ms. Koutoujian said.  

After doing some investigating, she enrolled in the BSU Senior College and has enjoyed the variety of classes offered and social interaction.  

“I’ve had such a wonderful time,” she said. “The teachers are absolutely fantastic. I would give them all gold stars and the social element, the way we are able to chat back and forth, it’s so enjoyable.” 

The state school experience is one Ms. Koutoujian is glad her family has taken advantage of. 

“You get an excellent education for a very good price,” she said. 

For Sheriff Koutoujian, BSU will always be a special place.  

“Whether as an alumnus, the son of a student, the father of a student or the friend of a graduate, I am just so proud to be affiliated with Bridgewater State University, this wonderful campus and this incredible community of educators and learners,” he said.   

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