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More Than Books

Event highlights myriad resources available at Maxwell Library

Starting a research paper can be overwhelming for many, which is why Dipti Mehta, head of reference at Maxwell Library, wants students to know support is available at Bridgewater State University.

“The librarians are here to connect and help students so they can avoid the frustration and overwhelming feelings they may have when it comes to doing research or writing a paper,” Mehta said.

The library is more than just a building that houses books and other records. It offers a full range of services for students that includes access to online resources, including databases and journals; study rooms; borrowing privileges; and research assistance.

Mehta recently organized and hosted a party at the library to remind students that help is available for those who seek it.

Freshman Katreena Stanley, who is studying health sciences, attended the event.

“I have trouble writing essays, so I came to get advice. They were helpful and provided me with different topics to think about and evidence to support those topics,” Stanley said.

Fellow freshman Tristan McPherson of Norton came to the event on the advice of his history professor Paul Rubinson.

McPherson is enrolled in Rubinson’s “Totally 80s” first-year seminar and was looking for guidance regarding a paper he’s working on for the class.

Rubinson was happy to see Tristan take advantage of the event.

“It can sometimes feel dreary coming to the library, especially for undergraduates, but if they learn how to (use the resources) they will have a leg up and the next time they are assigned a paper they will have no trouble finding what they need,” he said.

For those who aren’t sure how to navigate the library there are plenty supports, both in person and online, to show students how to best use what’s offered.

Students can always simply walk into the building and talk to staff, or use the “Ask a Librarian” option by filling out a form on the Maxwell Library website. Also offered are one-on-one consultations, both in person and via Zoom. They typically last 35-40 minutes and can be booked using an online form, Mehta said.

When available there is also a live chat option where librarians can communicate, and answer questions students may have.

Stanley said, now that she has a better understanding of what the library offers, and how to access its resources she feels more comfortable coming back, not just for research but because it’s a prime spot to study.

“I’ll be back for the quietness,” she said.

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