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From WBIM to IBM

Former college DJ finds success in hi tech 

Some of those tuning into WBIM back in the 1990s while getting ready for their 8 a.m. classes, may recall being greeted with an enthusiastic, “Good morning, Bridgewater State!”

The voice channeling actor Robin Williams character in “Good Morning, Vietnam” belonged to J. Graeme Noseworthy, ’98.

“I loved being on WBIM, one of the first things I did when I got to Bridgewater State was run into the studio and ask, ‘How do I get into this?” Noseworthy said.

Today he isn’t talking over the airways, but he brings that same energy to his job as a senior content and experience strategist for the global events team at IBM. He recently presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, where companies from across the globe showcased the greatest and latest in technology.

Noseworthy brought to Barcelona Spot, a quadruped robot from Boston Dynamics in Waltham. Spot is used mainly in industrial environments and performs tasks that are too challenging or dangerous for humans.

“Spot can go where no humans can go,” he said.

Despite its resemblance to a dog, Noseworthy said it’s important to recognize Spot is not a toy. 

“We never refer to it as a dog, which can be a challenge,” he said. “It’s a tool and has a lot of intelligence built in…It allows people to extend the work force.”

Noseworthy thoroughly loves his work and says the road to success all started at BSU.

The son of a high school principal, he initially thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps and become an educator.

“I originally wanted to be an elementary school teacher and knew the one place you go if you want to become the best teacher in the world is Bridgewater State,” he said.

After checking out the campus, there was no doubt he wanted to become a Bear. 

“I loved the campus,” he said. “It wasn’t too small, and it wasn’t too big.  It had this blend of an old traditional college and a new-wave education feel to it. It had this wonderful blend of everything I liked.”

As much as he loved the campus, Noseworthy initially found himself struggling academically. After talking with his professors and advisers, he concluded that teaching may not be the best fit.

Through those conversations, Noseworthy discovered his passions lied in video and theater. So, he switched his major from education to communications.

“I went from a struggling student to a much better student who found passion doing what I enjoy which carried me to the end of college and into a career I enjoy,” he said.

Looking back now, Noseworthy understands the difficulties he experienced as an undergraduate were simply part of his journey, and that ultimately led him to the right career.

“Sometimes we misunderstand why we are struggling. We don’t have good grades, are not motivated to go to class,” he said. “You need to find something that motivates you to apply yourself and trigger that passion; and communication studies at BSU did that for me.”

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