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BSU Debuts Lactation Station

“Pod” provides convenience and privacy

To create a comfortable and private location for those who need it, Bridgewater State University recently installed a new lactation station on the first floor of the Rondileau Student Union. 

BSU partnered with Mamava, a Vermont company that specializes in the manufacturing of lactation pods, to offer a secure place to pump or nurse.   

“When you have to do a thing that may be uncomfortable to do outside of the home, or need a private, secure area, it shouldn’t be that big of a hurdle,” said D Demers, associate director in the office of equal opportunity and Title IX coordinator.    

According to Demers, the new pod is visible, accessible, and available for use whenever the RSU is open.   

Inside of the lactation station is a 60-inch turnaround, grab bars, counter, mirror, coat hook, two built-in benches, two outlets and USB ports, fans, and lights.   

“It’s important to note, that the station is open to everybody, not just women, but to all lactating individuals. You don’t need to be a parent,” Demers said. “Sometimes there are cases where you may have miscarried or given up a child for adoption and you still need a lactation space.  

The pod will also benefit BSU visitors, for example, those who may be participating in a conference on campus.   

To access the lactation station requires the Mamava mobile app or keypad code. Instructions for both are posted on BSU’s pregnancy and parenting page. 

“Once you are inside of the pod, no one else can access it, it locks from the inside,” Demers said.   

On the off chance there is an emergency, the BSU police department does have a key.   

The new pod was made possible through unused year-end funds as well as contributions from various departments across campus including, student life, wellness, community standards, student success and diversity and human resources.   

“It was a total team effort, cross-divisional work,” Demers said.   

For those on the East side of campus, a lactation space is also available inside of the Wellness Center located in Weygand 1110.   

“We are always looking for ways to provide spaces that meet the needs of our community,” Demers said. “We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community and we want people to feel like BSU is a place where they can be.”  

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