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Flynn Dining Commons

Story Series
Behind the Name

From Great Hill to Beacon Hill, Peter and David Flynn made an indelible mark on Bridgewater State and Massachusetts. 

The Flynn brothers used their Bridgewater education to launch lengthy careers in public service, and a dining hall that bears their name is a testament to all they accomplished.  

Named For

Peter, ’61, and David Flynn, ’58 

The Backstory

David Flynn sits at a desk.
David Flynn

David didn’t consider college until his supervisor on the Town of Bridgewater’s landscaping crew brought him to the admissions office. In 1957, as a student at Bridgewater, David launched his first political campaign, winning a seat on the town parks commission. 

He went on to serve more than four decades in the legislature, but never forgot the role of Bridgewater State in his life. David co-wrote legislation that changed Bridgewater from a college to a university and was instrumental in securing funding to construct the Dana Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center.  

“Everything I am and everything I do is related to the opportunities I gained on this campus,” he said in a 2011 article. “Along with my family and my town, it is the anchor in my life.” 

Peter followed in his older brother’s footsteps at Bridgewater. He was a state lawmaker before serving as Plymouth County's sheriff from 1980-1994. As sheriff, he led construction of a jail and house of correction and developed a new model for financing and constructing public buildings. 

He encouraged students to “keep learning. The things you learn today will always be with you tomorrow.” 

Use Today

Flynn Dining Commons is on the west side of campus. Affectionately called Tilly by students, it is located on the first floor of Tillinghast Hall and can seat about 300 diners. 

Material in this article came from a spring 2011 Bridgewater magazine article by David Wilson, ’71, and a fall 2011 article by Karen Booth.