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New Fitness Court Debuts

Outdoor workout facility open to all 

Those on campus looking to get in a workout can now lace up their sneakers and head over to University Park, home to a new outdoor gym.  

Over the summer, Bridgewater State University installed a circuit-training workout area for members of the BSU and local community to use.  

“We know that physical health is important, and that mental health is directly related to physical fitness and exercise training,” said Daniel Rezendes, assistant athletic director for recreation and wellness. “This offers one more set of tools in the BSU wellness toolbox that will hopefully make an impact on students’ and the community’s health and wellness.” 

Thanks to a partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, BSU was awarded a grant to help cover the cost of the Fitness Court® project.

The fitness court is designed to provide a full body workout, with seven zones set up intended for circuit training.   

“It offers a certain type of training. You aren’t lifting free weights or running on a treadmill, it’s body weight training,” Rezendes said.

Participants can download the Fitness Court App to learn how to use the equipment from online trainers. BSU is also looking to hire its own instructors to host scheduled workouts, once in place the workout schedule will be posted on  

“We do want to lead some workouts as it might be intimidating for some, but if people get instruction, they will see it’s not as scary as it looks,” Rezendes said.  

Another benefit is that the space is technically available 24/7, so those wanting to use it can do so when it’s convenient for them.  

BSU also worked with the company to create art specific to the university. The outdoor gym pops throughout with Bridgewater’s trademark red, as well as some black-and-white imagery.  

Aside from members of the campus and local community, Rezendes anticipates that BSU’s athletic teams will use the area as will classes being taught in the kinesiology department. Ditto recreation and exercise-science students.  

BSU also made other updates over the summer to better serve the university’s health and wellness needs. A new outdoor basketball court replaces the one that was located near the Rosen tennis courts and parking garage on East campus.

Rezendes added that BSU’s other fitness options include intramurals, the Great Hill trails, group fitness classes in Kelly Gymnasium, the fitness center, the pool, intramural dodgeball, soccer, volleyball, club sports, and, of course, Division III teams. 

In other words, for those looking to get out and move won’t lack for alternatives. 

“We know exercise improves mood and can decrease depression. Exercise increases self-confidence and helps people to feel good about themselves; it impacts your mental, physical, and social components. Ultimately, exercise can connect you with others, strengthening your sense of community,” Rezendes said.  

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