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Polar Bear

Alumnus finds his home and calling in Alaska 

Ever wonder what it was like to go to college with Bridgewater State University president Frederick W. Clark Jr? 

Well, Dave Kutcher, ’84, has the inside scoop.   

“He was a classmate of mine in the political science program. I can honestly say he was one heck of a nice guy, just don’t tell him I said that. Plus, he got better grades than me,” he said.  

As a student at what was then Bridgewater State College, Kutcher was very involved, even serving as the first vice president of the student government association.  

Always looking for ways to strengthen the campus community, he lobbied to get a music system installed in the Tillinghast cafeteria for students to enjoy and also organized the Heritage Day Parade, an event that celebrated the heritage of Bridgewater State.  

While it’s no longer an annual event held at the school, back in the 1980s Heritage Day evolved into one of the largest college parades in New England.  

“It was a lot of fun putting it together,” Kutcher said.  

He was also classmates with another notable BSU alumna, Carrie Kulick-Clark, ’85, G’98, who currently serves as president of the Bridgewater Alumni Association and is married to President Clark.  

“Carrie was the second vice president of the student government…she is a fabulous human being that I greatly admire and has a heart of gold,” Kutcher said.  

Aside from making life-long friends he said, the time spent at BSU was transformational.  

“The college allowed me the ability to think for myself and encouraged independent thinking. I cannot think of a better place to go to college,” Kutcher said.  

Bridgewater has long had a reputation for being affordable, and this was the main reason Kutcher came to study at the school.  

“One thing Bridgewater recognizes is that many students come from blue-collar, hardworking families who want to send their children to school for a better life. People like me who didn’t come from a whole lot of money but wanted to make the most of a college education,” Kutcher said.  

What he remembers most, however, is how thoughtful and understanding the faculty and staff were.  

“The professors were very interested in their students and promoted a tremendous sense of meaningful purpose to those that worked hard,” Kutcher said.  

Upon graduating, he spent 15 years as a Ground Combat Infantry Officer in the Marine Corps, before embarking on a 30-plus-year career in finance.  

Today the BSU alumnus lives in Alaska, where he works as a pilot and runs a retirement-planning company.   

He plans to retire in Alaska where there is plenty of fishing, hunting, and hiking, all activities he enjoys.  

“The beauty here is unmatched. I wish I had moved here sooner,” Kutcher said.  

Despite now being more than4,000 miles away, a piece of him will always remain at his alma mater.  

“Bridgewater State is an amazing institution of higher learning,” he said, and encourages current students to take advantage of all the opportunities the university offers.  

“Challenge yourself, if things get tough, don’t’ stop trying. It’s not the grades you get, it’s the journey that you make along the way,” Kutcher said. “Bridgewater totally made my life better. It can make your life better too.” 

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