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Hitting the Keys to Success

Double Bear software engineer moonlights as piano player

As a software engineer, Brenner Campos, ’14, G’22, is working on digital tools that help law enforcement keep the public safe. And he credits his time as a BSU student with preparing him for such an important job.

“All of my teachers were so passionate about what they were teaching,” said Campos, who earned an undergraduate degree in graphic design and a master’s degree in computer science from Bridgewater State. “It just made the learning process a lot better knowing they cared about what they were teaching.”

Campos works for xFact, a North Andover-based company that provides IT services to public sector organizations. In partnership with Massachusetts public safety agencies, the company developed applications to improve access to criminal record, sex offender and firearms licensing information.

Campos draws motivation from the public service aspect of his work and the overall challenges of the computer science field.

“The type of work itself is so rewarding. You’re always trying to solve a puzzle and figure out how to make something happen in the most efficient way possible,” he said. “It always keeps you on your toes.”

While his computer science classes provided the technical skills Campos uses in his job, a saying by art Professor Mary Dondero still resonates a decade later: “The thing about college is you’re really, at the end of the day, just learning how to learn.”

That mantra certainly comes in handy in computer science as Campos must always remain abreast of the latest developments.

“You always get a chance to learn something from whatever you’re working on,” he said.

Brenner Campos plays the piano at Homecoming.

Outside of the art studio and computer lab, Campos developed leadership experience by mentoring his peers as a resident assistant and orientation leader.

And, Campos, who is a pianist on the side, recently experienced a full circle moment. During Homecoming, he returned to his alma mater as part of a dueling piano group that performed for fellow alumni.

It was a fitting gig for someone who fully embraced the opportunities that come with a BSU education.

“I honestly just loved every aspect of Bridgewater,” he said.

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