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Serenity, Wow!

Junior high- jumper’s time arrives with her earning All-American honors

What does it feel like when you set a goal for yourself, put in years of work focusing on that goal, and then it finally comes to fruition?

“It is very satisfying,” said Bridgewater State University track & field star Serenity Sands, ’25.

And she should know. This past March, Serenity, a high jumper for the BSU Women’s Indoor (and outdoor) Track & Field team, tied three other competitors at the NCAA Division 3 Women’s Championships for the best jump of the day. The trio’s winning length, 5 feet, 8.5 inches, was, for Serenity, a new personal best.

After the tiebreaker process, Serenity placed fourth in the competition. Her strong showing helped her earn something else, something she’s been working toward throughout her collegiate athletic career: All-American honors.

“I knew going in that I wanted to be an All-American...I knew I had to stay really focused,” Serenity said. “It’s been exciting to see my years of hard work actualized and pay off.”

BSU assistant and jumps coach Samantha Richner works closely with Serenity and is not surprised at the student-athlete’s success.

A woman jumps over a bar during a high jump event

“Serenity is determined to be successful in both academics and athletics. She is extremely self-motivated and organized her life to prioritize both,” Richner said. “I am confident she will find success as she moves forward on and off the track.” 

Before coming to BSU to study psychology and compete in track, Serenity, an East Bridgewater native, took a gap year. 

“Initially, I had committed somewhere else, but I grew up living close to Bridgewater State and always felt welcomed here, specifically with the track and field program,” she said. 

In addition, she said the size of campus and personalized attention students get from professors makes going to Bridgewater a win. 

“Competing here and attending school here has been very rewarding. There is such a personable feel. I’ve built close relationships with my teammates, and have been able to connect with my professors... If these are things you’re looking for in a school then Bridgewater is the right place,” Serenity said. 

This spring, she will be competing on the BSU outdoor women’s track and field team with the goal to get back to the NCAA championships, to be held on Memorial Day weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

“Through competing, I’m always learning I’m more capable than I ever thought. I set goals, and sometimes those goals might seem crazy, but if you believe in yourself and you work hard, you learn you’re capable of doing anything you want to do,” she said. 

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