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New online public relations master’s program launched

Bailey Cormier, ’22, always knew she wanted to continue her education and now, thanks to her alma mater, she has the opportunity to further her career in communications.

Cormier plans to be part of the first group of students this fall to enroll in Bridgewater State University’s new master’s degree in public relations program.  

“I feel really excited about it,” she said. “This will allow me to fine tune and dig deeper into subjects I care about. It offers me the chance to expand on things I may already know, but also opens me up to expand on my career in different areas.” 

The accelerated program officially launches fall 2024 semester and will be offered online only through the BSU department of communication studies.  

“It is designed for career-focused professionals ready to enhance their skills, deepen their understanding of strategic communication and advance into leadership roles within the industry,” said Dr. Thomasena Shaw, professor of public relations and graduate program chair.  

Students interested in preparing for highly skilled positions in fields such as public relations, marketing, media relations, digital strategy, fundraising and development, public affairs, and social trend research are encouraged to apply.  

“Public relations is so much broader than most people think,” Shaw said. “Those working in crisis management, investor relations, non-profits…a lot of these skills and concepts can be applied in many ways. Public relations draws from all disciplines and diverse backgrounds.” 

Cormier, who earned her undergraduate degree in communications and currently works as a communications coordinator for Alumni and Development is thrilled to see BSU offer this new program.  

“It shows BSU is ready and prepared to offer a different subject matter for graduates and opens another door to make students’ dreams a possibility,” she said.  

Shaw said, the program will offer real-world perspectives and situations to ensure students learn to think on their feet in order to create a skill set to help them, “earn a seat at the table where decisions are being made.” 

“This degree has the potential to provide students with access to leadership positions, career development, greater access to compensation benefits and career protectories,” she said.  

Cormier looks forward to getting back into the classroom and hopes to see others take advantage of this new program.  

“If you’re looking for a place where you’ll get one-on-one interaction with other like-minded students, this master’s program is a great place to consider,” she said. “This is really an opportunity to further and expand your current knowledge in a way that offers you connection and networking in an affordable environment.” 

For more information about the master's of arts in public relations program click here.  

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