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Transgender Resources

Equity and inclusion of our transgender students is a priority at BSU. Our policies and practices reflect best practice designed to promote their success.


Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

Gender Inclusive Housing at Bridgewater State University offers residents the opportunity to choose their roommates, suitemates or apartment mates regardless of the gender identity of the individuals involved.

All students who wish to live in a gender inclusive room, suite or apartment must apply for this option and must complete the Gender Inclusive Housing Agreement. New students who are interested in living in a gender inclusive living environment will have the option to indicate this preference on their housing license agreement.

During the roommate search/group formation process, students who indicated their preference to live in a gender inclusive environment will be able to search for compatible roommates without a gender restriction. If students do not find a compatible roommate through this process, they can be returned to the single gender search process, by sending a request in writing to

The Office of Residence Life and Housing (RLH) will identity floors and rooms within the residence halls that can accommodate a gender inclusive environment.  Due to building design limitations, gender inclusive housing may not be available in every residence hall.


Gender Inclusive Single Occupancy Restrooms

At BSU, everyone has the right to use restrooms on campus that are consistent with their gender identity as long as the facilities are used for their intended purpose.

BSU also has 75 single occupancy restrooms that are gender inclusive which means that people of all gender identities may use these restrooms. BSU has made a commitment to adding at least one gender inclusive single occupancy restroom (GISOR) in every new and significantly renovated building. You can download a list of current GI SORs locations on campus.

Preferred Name

BSU has established procedures which allow you, if you so desire, to use a first name different than your legal name on certain university records.


BSU has a Trans-Inclusive Athletics & Recreation Policy found in the Student-Athlete Handbook.

Health Insurance

BSU provides a fully trans-inclusive student health insurance plan.