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Submit an Incident Report

File an Incident Report

The university has several different report forms available in order to maintain the appropriate level of privacy or confidentiality required based on the incident. To ensure you complete the form most appropriate for your concern, please use our universal report form.

These forms should not be used in situations where immediate attention is required. In the event of an emergency, please call 911 or contact Bridgewater State University Police at 508.531.1212.

Direct Form Links

Referrals may be made through one of the following forms:

  • Student Behavioral Concerns

    • Community Standards Referral Form
      Report suspected violations of The Student Code of Conduct and other behavioral concerns.
    • Equal Opportunity/Title IX Report Form
      Report information necessary to initiate an investigation of alleged discrimination, harassment, sexual or gender-harassment, sexual assault or other sexual violence, stalking or retaliation pursuant to the Equal Opportunity, Diversity, and Affirmative Action Plan ("EO Plan") and/or the Student Code of Conduct.
    • CARE Team Referral Form
    • For faculty, staff and students to voluntary report students who are experiencing a crisis, displaying odd or unusual behaviors or engaging in other behaviors that may be perceived as being harmful to themselves and/or others.
    • Hazing Report Form
    • Report suspected violations of BSU's Hazing Policy
  • Academic Misconduct

Initial Steps:

  • Select the type of referral from the dropdown

Reporter information:

  • Please enter information about yourself (the reporting party) and any information that you know about the date, time and location of the incident. Reports may be submitted anonymously.
    • Full Name and Title
      • Titles should be entered: ex: Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice; RA, Shea Hall, or Parent.
    • Date and time of incident
      • Please use the calendar icon to enter the incident date or manually enter as YYYY-MM-DD.
      • Time of incident may be left blank if unknown.
    • Your Physical Address
      • If on campus, please enter your building & room number. If off campus, please list your permanent address. This field may be left blank.
    • Location of incident
      • Select the appropriate location from the drop-down list provided.
    • Specific location
      • If known, manually enter the room number or other location, such as stairwell, second floor men’s room, etc. This field may be left blank.

Involved parties:

  • Please ALL the people involved in the incident. If non-students were involved in the incident, please provide their names in the incident description and put “(NON-STUDENT)” next to their name.
  • If you are a preauthorized user (such as an RA, RD, or Security Officer), follow the link provided to easily look up and enter student information, including ID numbers, dates of birth, email addresses, and other information.
  • Please enter any and all information that you know about each of the involved parties.
    • Name
      • If you are able, please enter the full name of the student with the correct spelling.
    • Student ID
      • If known, enter the Student ID number.
      • For Non-Students, please enter First and Last Name as the ID number (ex: JohnDoe).
    • Phone Number and Email Address
      • These fields are not required, and may be left blank.
  • To add additional people to a report, click the button labeled “Add Another.”


  • This is where you include the description of the incident, including checkboxes and a written narrative.
  • RAs, RDs, and Security staff- Please refer to your handouts to enter information consistent with expectations.
  • Please use proper grammar and spelling in your narrative.
  • Please re-read and spell check your narrative before submitting a report. Many browsers include a native spell- check tool. We strongly encourage reporting parties to utilize these tools whenever possible.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Attach any photos, videos, screenshots, hyperlinks, etc.

Final Steps:

  • Authentication – please fill out appropriate fields.
  • One last step – fill out provided field, hit submit report.