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Let's Stay Healthy Together - A Message from Executive Director Frazer

Wednesday 8/30/2023

Subject: Let's Stay Healthy Together - A Message from Executive Director Frazer 


Welcome back as we start another year!

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy summer.

As we come together again in our wonderful community, it’s worth thinking about the many ways we can improve our wellness (visiting the Wellness site on BridgeNet is a great place to start!). I’d like to highlight just two aspects today: physical and mental wellness.

Mental Health:

At BSU, we have many resources to help you cope with emotional stresses we all face. You can take care of yourself, whether by app (Welltrack), by therapy (counseling and Uwill) or by taking care of others (Kognito). Kognito can help all of us have challenging conversations that matter to our friends and colleagues.

Public Health:

We’ve learned so much over the last few years; let’s hold those lessons close this semester. Stay home when you’re feeling sick; this is the best way to help protect our community. We know that some of the best protection from seasonal illness is to wear a mask, and those at high risk for health complications should feel comfortable and supported in their decision to mask up at BSU. Be considerate of others. If someone asks you to mask in their space, please respect that wish. Everyone will have their own reason for their approach toward seasonal illnesses; do what you can to help everyone stay happy and healthy.

COVID Guidance:

As you have seen in the news, there has been a slight uptick in COVID cases resulting from a new strain, but hospitalizations continue to remain low. BSU and all other universities have adjusted their pandemic-era protocols as the public health emergency around COVID-19 has ended. However, BSU continues to provide masks and hand sanitizer in all instructional spaces, and faculty can ask students to voluntarily wear masks in classrooms and other instructional spaces. Again, let’s be good neighbors and respect the wishes of others.

We have thousands of free rapid COVID tests and masks available, which can be picked up at the RSU info desk and the Wellness Center. You can also find out more about our upcoming vaccination clinics and rapid testing capabilities by checking out the Wellness site on BridgeNet.

For those considering vaccination, or a booster, please consult with your primary care provider; they can help you determine the best timing for your next dose.

For anyone exposed to COVID, we ask that you follow the CDC guidelines, which can be found here:

If you have tested positive for COVID, please follow the guidelines found here:

Flu Vaccine:

We will be holding our on-campus flu clinics at the end of September and early October – please watch the Wellness site on BridgeNet and Community Announcements for dates to sign up. Physicians are encouraging people to get their flu shot early this year, and the 2023 flu vaccine is also available now through your local pharmacy.

Need Help?

Finally, BSU has centralized a great deal of information about resources available to help members of our community facing crises or difficult life challenges through its Need Help webpage.

I hope you have a great start to the semester. Let’s stay well together!


Dr. Chris Frazer, Psy.D.
Executive Director, The Wellness Center