Sun Block

The recent total solar eclipse above South America was over within minutes, but its lessons and memories will last a lifetime for three Bridgewater State University physics majors.

Dressing for Success

If you’re looking this summer for Karly Foster, ’20, you won’t catch her at the beach. Instead, you’ll find her hard at work behind a sewing machine.

Vanessa Sherman Earns BSU's 9th ‘Posters’ Berth

A Bridgewater State University student is garnering national recognition for research that helps Plimoth Plantation reinterpret key colonial texts.

Vanessa Sherman, ’19, uncovered documentary evidence related to the Mayflower Compact and Plymouth Colony’s three groundbreaking law codes. Her research draws new attention to the influential role the compact and codes played, and continue to play, in American constitutional, judicial and legal traditions. 

Students Date Pre-Columbian Artifacts

How do you discover the origins of bowls and sculptures that may be thousands of years old or that might simply be modern recreations? Just ask Bridgewater State University seniors Scott Delaney and Jacob Coffey.

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