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In the Classroom
Nichole Freeman uses a computer during the pandemic to teach.
Virtual Lessons
New programs help educators in shift to online teaching
In the Classroom
Petroy Thompson shows how he monitored stocks from home.
Ups and Downs
Virus provides student investors with valuable object lessons
Brockton, In the Classroom, Honors Program
Students visit Brockton City Hall
City Champions
Geography students study Brockton’s government, diversity and more
In the Classroom
Students work on The Bridge
Publishing Stories

Students working on The Bridge gain critical experience

Undergraduate Research, In the Classroom
Students study salamanders
Slippery Subject

NSF grant brings salamander research into classrooms

In the Classroom
Students learn Korean.
Korean Spoken Here

New course draws students interested in country’s language and culture

In the Classroom
Students play blackjack
Game On!

Class uses gambling as a way to teach high-level math

In the Classroom
A student creates a gerrymandered set of districts
It All Adds Up! Or Does It?

Seminar on math and politics teaches many lessons

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