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Student Perspective: David Alatorre, ’25

BSU student’s reflection on racial equity and justice
Story Series
Action: Racial Justice and Equity

Please tell us about the work you do for racial equity and justice.

I have been involved in various areas concerning racial equity and justice for some time. Currently, I serve as a community engagement Justice Fellow at The Martin Richard Institute for Social Justice. As fellows, our mission is to raise awareness and advocate for various aspects of social justice, including racial equity.

Additionally, I am engaged in research with the Undergraduate Research Program, focusing on understanding and analyzing the barriers and bridges for students who engage in research and who haven’t, which can include racial inequality. Our aim is to create a more accessible environment for non-traditional students to participate in and excel in high-impact opportunities, like undergraduate research.

Through my involvement with departments committed to racial equity and justice, I have gained insight into the challenges faced by students dealing with racial inequality. Engaging in discussions with individuals from diverse backgrounds has expanded my awareness of their struggles.

I find inspiration in the people I collaborate with and the diverse cultures I encounter on a daily basis. Being part of such a vibrant community, dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by racial inequality and injustice, fuels my drive to contribute to racial equality and justice. While my contribution to racial justice may be small compared to the efforts of many individuals currently and historically involved in the movement, it is still significant. Every effort, regardless of size, is valuable in addressing this crucial issue. The fight for racial justice requires the collective involvement of as many people as possible.

What does BSU do well in addressing the needs and desires of our racially minoritized students and in making you feel welcome on campus?

The faculty members at BSU have made me feel genuinely welcomed. As a student with a diverse background, my experience at BSU is no different from that of any average student. I’ve never felt looked down upon; instead, I’ve always sensed that the faculty members I interact with encourage me to embrace my Latino identity. At BSU, I don’t feel like just another number; there’s a genuine sense of care for both racially diverse students and traditional students alike.

What can BSU do better regarding racial equity and justice? What advice and ideas would you offer to us as we do this work?

I believe this campus is progressing toward continually improving the environment for individuals from diverse backgrounds. However, if I were to suggest an area for enhancement within the BSU campus, one idea would be to emphasize to faculty members the importance of initiating relationships with students from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. Such engagement can positively impact the life trajectory of these students. Speaking from my own experiences and inner thoughts, reaching out doesn’t always feel natural. Unfortunately, there’s often doubt that faculty members would be willing to help with academic or personal development. Creating a supportive network, even if it is with just one faculty member, can have a profound impact on students who are from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

There’s much work to be done for students who are racially and ethnically different, but BSU is on the right track to aid in racial justice and equality. I’m very inspired and amazed by the work being done on this campus; what an honor to be a student here.


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