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Zooming In

Story Series
Bridgewater Magazine

Dr. Joseph A. Oravecz, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management, joined BSU orientation leaders during a recent Zoom training session. Summer orientation will be held online, and Dr. Oravecz wanted to thank these students for their determination and innovation in coordinating this first-of-its-kind program for incoming students.

Online meetings have become the norm for most of the BSU campus community. Dr. Oravecz said Zoom and similar platforms provide a mix of new and challenging opportunities for engagement, but ultimately offer a valuable human connection.

He added, however, that for him, online conversations are no substitute for face-to-face contact.“Not having students on campus is a very eerie feeling,” he said. “I miss my daily interaction with them – in meetings, joining them for lunch or dinner in one of our dining halls, or attending one of their evening programs.”