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Student Spotlight: Lishanna Postell, ’21

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When Lishanna Postell, ’21, crosses the commencement stage this summer to collect her bachelor’s degree in physical education, she’ll also be well on her way to earning her master’s degree. The busy 28-year-old Weymouth native, who now lives in Blackstone, took advantage of BSU’s Early Admission (4 + 1) program, whereby she earned credits toward her master’s degree in strength and conditioning, while completing her bachelor’s degree.

This past spring semester, Lishanna took six classes and is enrolled in an additional five this summer. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she, like many BSU students, works more than one job. She is a senior airman in the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 203rd intelligence squadron, and also works as a personal trainer at a gym and has several clients of her own.

We recently caught up with Lishanna to talk about her time at BSU and plans for the future.

What is your career goal?
I always wanted to work with people, but really never saw myself working with athletes. But with my military background and training, it really opened up many options. I’d love to help tactical athletes, like marines, special operations forces and FBI agents — anyone who uses their body for their job.

Was this always your goal?
I started college online, part time, after graduating high school. I started out as a criminal justice major and was on that path for a long time. But then I ran out of financial aid. So, I joined the military to help pay for my future education.

When did your career focus change?
Well, I was always an athlete. But in the National Guard I developed a huge interest in learning.

In what area specifically?
I‘ve always been fascinated by the human body and its ability to adapt and change to one’s environment. Now I’m obsessed with the musculoskeletal system and how athletes need to find out what works for their bodies.

How did you determine your major?
My advisor told me about athletic training, and right away I thought, that’s for me. That’s what I’m passionate about.

And the Early Admission (4 + 1) program was the right fit?
Yes. The biggest reason is time. I’ve been in school for a long time, so the program met all of my needs, plus I could get it done as quickly as possible.

Sounds like you really want to get on with your career.
The program just fit my life, and I’ll get both degrees completed much faster. The faster I get my degrees, the more I’ll be able to dedicate my time to my clients.

Long-term plans?
I’m going to soak up all the experiences I can get and say yes to all the opportunities that come my way and keep trying to grow. I hope to next start working on my PhD. That’s the dream.

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