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Latest News
BSU Works
Rachel Toews and Austin Gouveia work at a lab table conducting tests.
Career Pipeline
Biology department connection helps graduates land rewarding jobs
Undergraduate Research
Ashlyn Grace Kelly holds a beaker while working in a lab.
Selected Research
Biology and math major named a Goldwater Scholar
Undergraduate Research
The Whirlpool Galaxy
Stars of Science
NASA fellowships funding student research projects
Alumni Profile
Susana Romero helps with testing.
Testing Skills
Alumnae working as lab technicians conducting coronavirus tests
Laura Knapik, ’15
Supporting Role
Alumna’s organization stepped up when Maine’s medical workers themselves needed help
Chris Laguerre, ’17
Playing His Part
Chris Laguerre, ’17, worked in a Boston hospital during the spring peak of the pandemic
Alumni Profile
Mel Carmichael, '20 working in lab
Discovering Science
Recent graduate recalls the class that set her on the right path
Faculty Focus
A species of gecko discovered by the international team of researchers. Below, Dr. Thilina Surasinghe works in the field in Massachusetts. (Top photo by Majintha Madawala, bottom photo by Drew Cambra, '21)
‘Geck’-ing Out
Biology professor helps identify new species of tiny lizard
Alumni Profile
Amanda Pacheco, ’19
Alumna Profile: Amanda Pacheco, ’19
Solid faculty advice leads to an unexpected career path
Undergraduate Research
Students study salamanders
Slippery Subject

NSF grant brings salamander research into classrooms

Alumni Profile
Lauren Paduch, '19
Alumni Profile
Lauren Paduch, ’19
Undergraduate Research
Studying bats in the field
Scary No More
Bats may frighten some, but their importance shouldn’t be overlooked