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What sanctions are possible for a report of academic dishonesty?

The faculty member responsible for teaching the course will determine the initial sanction for an observed academic integrity violation.  Generally, the sanction will be based on the level of the course, its content, and the context of the situation in which the violation occurred. 

Sanctions given by faculty may include:

•    A verbal or written warning
•    The assignment of additional course or remedial work
•    A grade of “F” or zero for the assignment being evaluated
•    A grade of “F”, “No Pass (N)”, or “Unsatisfactory (U)” (as appropriate) in the course

Sanctions administered by the University may include:

•    Dismissal from degree program, with the opportunity to apply to return
•    Dismissal from the university, with the opportunity to apply to return
•    Permanent dismissal from the university

NOTE:  BSU reserves the right to implement any one of the sanctions above even if the student has withdrawn from the course, passed the course, or graduated.  Where applicable, a formal written notice will be sent to the Registrar’s Office so that the student’s record can be adjusted.